Bowman Football – Still King of the Rookies!

Bowman Football – Still king of the rookie cards. Whether you collect vintage sports cards, or football trading cards or any sports trading cards for that matter. Bowman is still king. Much of the Bowman sports trading cards product is heavily populated with rookie cards.

Take Bowman Baseball for instance, whether its chrome or regular issue, the number of rookie cards to veterans ratio is usually 3 to 1. Those are great odds, if you are trying to heavily collect rookies. There are so many rookies that the collation is not always great, but there is much research that goes into the selection of the rookies in all of their products, baseball, football, and basketball. The rookies selected usually have a fair shot at making the major league level, within a few years.

Now that Topps, Bowman, and Upper Deck have come to identify the rookie card with a generic symbol such as “1st rookie card”, etc. It makes it easier for those of us who collect sports cards, to เข้าสู่ระบบ ufabet not get fooled into purchasing a card of your favorite ball player only to find out that this card you just purchased is not considered the rookie card.

It recently happened to me, so I speak from experience. I just recently purchased a Jose Reyes 2002 Topps chrome, thinking it was a rookie card of Jose’s and long and behold It was not. I purchased the card on eBay and did not have a Beckett Baseball Guide handy. I could not remember his exact rookie year, the card was graded, it was cheap, I bought it. Come to find out later, it was not his rookie card. The card was not misrepresented either, I just blew it. Needless to say I had ten of these cards put away, but none graded.

One of my favorite Bowman sets is the 1992 Bowman Football set, this set had the rainbow foil around some of the stars and rookies in the set, like Emmitt Smith and the Drew Bledsoe Rookie card. Back then there was no Bowman Chrome, but the set is nice and a good set to have graded if that is what you prefer. The 1992 Bowman Baseball was a hot top seller for many, many years and has only since tailed off somewhat with the retirements of Mike Piazza, Nolan Ryan, and a few others. The Manny Ramirez has been revitalized with his new home in LA with the Dodgers. These cards also grade fairly nicely especially when you bust the box open yourself and put the key cards in this set right into a penny sleeve and top loader.