Baby formula constipation is a gas, and not in the fun sense. If your poor little baby suffers from constipation, your baby formula may be to blame. If your baby’s formula is cow milk based, that could be one of the contributors to the constipation. Try taking your baby baby formulas in Australia off of that particular formula and switch him/her to a soy based formula to see if that works. If switching doesn’t ease their discomfort, then most likely it is not your baby’s formula that is causing their bowel movement issues. Putting your baby on a low iron based formula will not cure them of their constipation, despite what you may have heard. Getting the proper amount of iron is extremely important in a baby’s diet, so eliminating or lowering their iron dose could compromise your baby’s health.

If after switching formulas your baby still seems to struggle with constipation, there are some simple and healthy remedies to help speed up the process and bring some much needed relief to your baby. Adding a little juice to your baby’s bottle can help with the constipation problem. Prune juice or apple juice are the best choices to make. Orange juice would be far too acidy for your baby’s stomach and can cause further issues such as vomiting. You certainly wouldn’t wait things to be exploding out of both ends of your baby, would you? If your baby is under 4 months of age, it is important to make sure to water down your juice as it may be too rich for their already-sensitive stomachs at this age. It will not take very long for the juice to do what it was intended for and the constipation issue should dissipate quickly.

Once your baby has graduated into solids, you may find that constipation can worsen. Constipating baby foods include bananas, rice cereal, carrots, applesauce, dairy products such as yogurt and pastas or potatoes. Eliminating these items from your baby’s diet while they are constipated will help the situation. Increasing fruits such as plums, pears, peas, apricots and peaches will help ease the constipation. Baby formula constipation and baby food constipation is no laughing matter. It can cause severe discomfort to your baby and if left unrelieved can be detrimental to your baby’s health. These tips should help if your baby is dealing with constipation issues


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